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I have just swithed on my firestick 4k Max and all my external apps on the flash drive are greyed out and when I try to open them message says usb is not compatible with amazon. Anyone else have this problem?
Rob A

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I have had this happen.
To fix it I do the following.
1: give it some time and they will load
2: restart the firestick
3: unplug the memory stick and reinsert it
(I have never had to do step 3, but have seen this fix posted before by a repeatable member)


Thank you I will try this and see what the outcome is.
Rob A

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You could also go into "My Fire TV>USBDrive>Eject USB Drive>Remove drive>reinstall and follow the on screen prompts.

Thank you, all good, the problem has now been fixed.

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Way to go. Now if you would be so kind as to tell us how you resolved your issue. There are others who may need to use your solution in the future and can find it doing a search. Again congratulations. A win is a nice thing.

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Hi, i did an update on the firestick, restarted it, then I took out the memory stick and then put it back in and that solved the problem.


Thank you @wubber. Way to go. Iā€™m sure others with the same problem will use your advice and technique. Have fun and STREAM ON.

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