OTG Cable

Originally published at: OTG Cable - Upgrade Your Firestick, Phone, or Tablet on the Cheap

An OTG Cable allows you to connect peripheral devices to your Firestick, Android phone, or tablet by way of USB port(s). This is an inexpensive way to upgrade your current device. This article will provide detailed information on OTG cable and its many uses. USB OTG Explained A traditional USB system setup includes a host…

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I’ve been using an OTG cable/Sandisk for over a year when Troypoint posted the use with Tivimate. It has worked great and saved my movies to the external USB. But recently, something happened, got changed? and it looks like my recordings in Tivimate are now using the “internal” storage. I’ve reformatted the USB thinking that would help, have the Tivimate settings pointing to the external USB that is connected to my firestick 4k, but the recordings are not being directed there. When I unplug the USB and put it in my Mac, all my recordings are there, still on the USB, but when I put the USB back into the firestick, they are not. Also, when I open the “explore” app to see whats on the device, they used to appear there also alongside the “internal” storage. Can’t see the “external” at all. I think something got changed in the “explore” area and I’ve spend hours trying to figure out how to get them to appear or get back into that external storage so I can use this with my Tivimate to record. Any advice would be appreciated.

can anyone recommend an otg cable. I saw Troys vid on using one with the onn stick and would like one that works. I have 2 and neither are recognized.