OTG, and memory stick

Purchased the OTG cable and a 128 GB memory stick to record programs from the Area 51 IPTV. When I want to change the path or change directory, how can I recognize the memory stick location. Can anyone walk me through it step by step. Thank you

Hi all, following the video Troy put out about using an OTG cable amd a memory stick to increase storage I bought these, could Troy or anyone tell me do I have to wipe off all my apps to do this or can I still do this whilst leaving all my apps on because I know I can put them all on again its just going to be a pain re doing all my passwords for syncler, Cinema, eternal, jc media, sportz, real debrid, tivimate, etc. Any response would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks. Jimmy.

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Hi Jimmy
I can certainly help you. Before doing a Factory reset and losing everything I would load
E S File Explorer
I will be doing a step-By-Step using Version which is an older simpler version than some.

  1. Using the FireStick Remote Hit Home
    2.Go to Settings
    3 Come Down and go to Applications
    4 Go to Manage Installed Applications But don’t click it.
    Before Clicking look to the right panel and make a mental note
    (or write it down ). of how much internal space is available.
    I like to keep at least 1 Gig available. Bad things happen to your apps
    if you run out.
    5 Click Manage Installed Applications
    6 Go down to E S File Explorer and click
    7 Launch Application
    8 After it loads, You can see Commands in the left column and in the right side top panel
    Internal Storage and below that you will see your usb jump drive.
    9 Go down the left side (Commands) to Local and click it “open”
    10 If you go down to whatever name it gave to your jump drive you can copy
    your apk files to and from internal storage and the jump drive.
    Ray Ott

Thanks Ray, will try and let you know how it goes.

I recently followed Troy’s directions and installed the memory stick and OTG cable. I was amazed at how much memory is now available on the Firestick 4k…I used to have less than 1 gig available and had frequent problems. With this set up, I now have 3+ gigs available and don’t seem to be having any issues with the Firestick. I elected to reset my Firestick so I could start with a clean unit. I was a little disappointed that Troy’s rapid app installer doesn’t have the many apks as it used to…I think Cinema was the only one. I went back and looked of the install procedures using downloader and then loaded up my favorite apks. It also appears that Troy has changed those procedures also…one has to use the browser tab in downloader to access the links–these links are full of advertisements (I assume Troy gets some kind of commission; and I am ok with that) but after wading thru them, they work fine.
Now for the real reason for my post: Would somebody explain to me in detail how to save a movie to the flash drive and then most importantly, how does one recall that movie to watch instead of streaming? tks in advance

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I purchased 2 OTG cables and two new sandisk memory sticks. I followed troypoint video to increase storage. I made both sticks 50% storage and 50% for the APKS and android OS. It worked great and all apps on the stick showed up with the usb icon beside the apps under managed applications. As all went well I set up my other firestick with storage. The next day the firestick was not reading the memory stick. Same with my other firestick second memory stick. Now how do I get the Android OS and APKs of my NEW memory sticks as they were NEW. Computer only reads the storage partition, PC does not recognize the partition with the android OS & apks etc I am a little annoyed as I would like to use the full size of these new USB’s if I cannot use them with the firestick. I have tried asking troypoint what happened that it did not work the next day but he cannot answer questions like that he is too busy. Can anyone help me. I cannot format the usb’s because computer does not recognize 50% partition.

Hey all…

I also did the split trick early on… but it was a little sketch (similar to your probs)… I now go with a flash for apps & a flash for recording & stuff, have had no probs… (jat)