Organizing Kodi Favorites

I stumbled onto a neat little app that allows you to easily organize your Kodi favorites with what amounts to drag and drop, rather than having to slog thru the “Move up” menu. You simply select your favorite, then move it with your direction arrows to where you wish it to be, then select it and it drops there.
It is simply called “Order Favourites” by doko and is available from Github:
GitHub - doko-desuka/plugin.program.orderfavourites: A simple Kodi addon that lets you reorder entries in your favourites, to organise them..
It even allows a restore function in case you’ve made a mistake or want to start over.


If you click on the 3 lines button on a firestick, the info button you can add to Favs with one click

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That is how you add a favorite, but the favorites get displayed in the order you tagged them. This app is for use after you added to your favorites and allows you to quickly put them in the order you wish to display them without having to go through the “hamburger/move up/enter” routine twenty times to move a new addition to the top of your list. This is literally drag and drop.


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