Optimum Configuring 2nd Gen and 4K Firesticks

Lately, there has been many U Tube “tutorials” about configuring the optimal settings to make the Fire TV Device run at its best.
My main questions are In Settings-Applications-Appstore-Amazon Photos-and Game Circle
(These are the ones affected)
When I go back to them on the next session, they all revert back to “on” after turning them “off”.
which is what these people say to do, leave these “off”
The device data monitoring, further down in settings does stay “off” after setting it that way
It’s just the settings in the 3 categories under Applications that revert back to “on”
How can you get them to stay off? Or is that even recommended?
Also, I went into Developer’s Shortcuts to see what else can be done for optimum configuration, and have not seen anything useful besides the testing of connections?
I’d rather see something like, autoexec.bat and config.sys to use for the firestick upon booting up these devices similar to what I used for configuring PC’s in the 1990’s on DOS and Windows 3.1 machines.
I want to be able to perform tasks like deleting ALL cache in ALL applications at once so I don’t have to do it for each app. One last thing, for those applications you cannot remove-does the “Force Stop” function really stop the application for good? And, how can this be verified if possible?