Opensubtitle Not Working

Opensubtitle (OS) with Seren not working. Changed password, created new login name and new password, uninstalled and reinstalled OS. Nothing works. Able to login in to OS website, but Kodi>Seren not working. Next step - clear Kodi data, uninstall and reinstall Kodi. Before doing next step, any other suggestions?

@Nhayden Hi

Yeah sometimes it could be little complicated.
If you received no subtitles found, or subtitles user name and or password not correct this could be Seren server issue.

After entering username and password in open subtitles add-ons it important to restart Kodi “not device” in some cases required few times restart, you can do that from inside Kodi.

Check TP manual to add subtitles in kodi system settings this will also help.
Kodi Subtitles

Follow Up: I cleared Kodi data, and installed Crew. Subtitles work. I will eventually install Seren and see it will work, or as you said it may be a Seren server issue. I have been experimenting with some of the other subtitle apps. Would be nice if Troy would provide alternative to Opensubtitle. Even though it is working, I am finding it is not as stable as I remember it.

@Nhayden is the best subtitles there’s with more than 6.5 millions subtitles.

But there’s more subtitles add-ons for Kodi which you can try.

To do that open Kodi> Add-ons top right> Install from Repositories> Kodi add-ons Repository> Subtitles you will see lot’s of add-ons those are all for subtitles.

List of the best subtitles depends on your language and county or region, the best things to do is search for it List of best subtitles add-ons there’s so many you can find with it’s own explanation. Good :+1:

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