Open subtitles with Seren?n?

I had to do the uninstall-install thing with Seren.

I cannot find where to enable Open Subtitles on Seren. Help please :relaxed:?

In Seren you go into tools and there’s only one toggle to turn on to enable subtitles that I could find. And in Kodi go into settings and language and then there’s a couple toggles to turn on auto download for subtitle and languages for the subtitles. There’s a toggle to enable parsing also. But not all movies or TV shows have subtitles available. Hope this helps. Any other questions just do a search on the website there’s lots of good information

@elginherd . In kodi go to settings wheel…click on it and then click player.

Click on languages…scroll down and ensure that " default tv show service is showing " and the same for "Default movie service ".

If not. Go into add ons…my add ons and scroll down to subtitles and ensure that open subtitles is installed. If not, install it.

Finally when playing a movie or tv show from Seren…click on the settings cog on screen…click on subtitle settings and ensure that you have enabled subtitles.

One final point…make sure that you have visited and signed up.

Good luck

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