Onn TV Stick Review

Originally published at: Onn TV Stick Review - Read This Unbiased Report Before You Buy

This Onn TV Stick Review was written by Troy from TROYPOINT. This device was purchased by Troy at his local Walmart. This is an unbiased review where both the good and bad of the Onn TV Stick are revealed. Right when I saw that the Onn TV Stick had hit the shelves at Walmart, I…

Ok, I have a problem that is driving me crazy. We have 5 Walmart onn 4k sticks that keep pausing all by themselves at least twice a day. When you hit play, it will play but no sound. Sometimes you can hit the back button and hit play again and it will work. Most of the time you must reboot, then all works great again. We notice it with Philo, Pluto, you tube, pretty much rules out an app. Reboot router daily (we get 1 gig fiber speed)I even factory reset one of them to rule out all troypoint setup apps, and it started to do it as well. Someone else must be having this same issue?! Help, lol.

If its the latest onn stick, not really much known about them to date, however I believe Troy just did a video about them. My take is to stay away from under-powered sticks as imho they are generally more problematic.

Small package no room to heat to escape. Probably bad design which id overheating. Stick a fan on it.