Onn problem. Playback stops then continues

I have an onn srtreaming box and am having an issue. It plays fine then the screen goes black and then pops on. It does this at intermittent times. Plays fine then does it again. Am I missing a setting?

Hey @Dejones017 Shouldn’t be any setting involved. Make sure the box has some air movement & not overheating…if possible, swap out hdmi port & or hdmi cable.


Will give it a go. Thanks

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Use all the equipment that came with the onn you saw the original equipment that came with the device use all the original equipment that came with the device
ndevice that will fix that problem

I changed the hdmi cable and the hdmi port. Still having same issue. I’m wondering if there is an issue between the onn android box and the onn roku tv. When I put a Firestick in it it has no issues at all. Maybe some setting with the tv? I’m at a loss.

I guess that’s possible there could be a conflict with your ONN box on an ONN/Roku tv…not sure why there would be if it allows a firestick to work. Do you have a different tv you can try it out on?

I have used it on a Samsung with no issues. Strange as how the onn android remote cannot be used with the tv for power on or off. Only volume. May be a compatibility issue?

Copy that…definitely a new one on me…I would get with their support & see if there’s a work-around. Or, maybe someone else will chime in on a fix…sorry I couldn’t help on this Dejones… :confused:

Thanks for your time, and efforts. This is just strange. Have a great day

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I would recommend a reboot of the ONN .

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TV controls work fine for me, using Onn box: On/Off, Volume, Change Input.
On a Samsung, LG, and SuperSonic tv and also a Vizio Soundbar on one of the tv’s.
Even tho you go thru a TV setup when first installing Onn, you need to go to
Settings, General Settings, Set up Remote buttons and do Volume, Power, Input and select CEC or IR

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My ONN doesn’t stop, but I noticed in some movies that there is an error in transmission being corrected…

Well I just wanted to try something. I went and bought another onn box and just plugged it into my existing onn hdmi cable and had same problem. So I changed out hdmi cable with the new onn box cable and still had problem. I used an hdmi cable that I had laying around and had no problems. Aparantly onn makes crappy hdmi cables. Lol

Thank you for letting us all know, that helps a lot.

never dis-count the cables on any setup :+1:

Thx for the heads-up, @Dejones017 …I’ve had the issue a few times, and I have a usb added to the onn. When it comes back on, I lose the usb…gonna try a switch as soon as I get home

Hey @Dejones017 Glad you finally got it working…I’m a bit puzzled tho cause you said it worked on your Samsung…and…you had swapped out hdmi cables & it still didn’t work on your Onn/Roku tv…?

What hdmi cable did you use on your Samsung?

You are correct something is very strange. The onn hdmi cables worked on the Samsung. I found an old roku and use the hdmi cable from it and it worked fine on the onn roku tv. Now saying that when I put the roku hdmi on the onn tv it had a much snugger fit. Go figure.

OK…still scratchin’ my noggin on this one…but, a general rule of thumb for troubleshooting a setup that doesn’t work…when you swap stuff out to see if the original is bad…when/if possible, always swap out with a “known” good piece of equipment…something you already have working properly…ie: video/power cables…usb drives…adapters/converters…as anything brand new can be faulty…consider where everything is made these days :thinking: :frowning_face:

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I had no problem installing the ONN. I used Troy’s tutorial and my friend also installed his’ the same way
I’ve bought a second ONN.