onn. Google TV Stick from Walmart No Longer Available

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It appears that Walmart’s onn. Google TV Stick which was released in November of 2023 is no longer available for purchase. This budget-friendly device was the counterpart to the onn. Google TV Box that Walmart also released earlier in the year. The main difference is that the stick provided resolution up to 1080p while the…

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Not surprised Walmart discontinued the cheaper 1080p stick when the streaming box is 4K for slightly more with better specs.
I own 1 of the boxes & actually prefer it to the Firestick as it operates better, has a higher download speed attached to a UGreen hub with ethernet connection & a 64gb Samsung 3.1usb drive.
Plus I prefer the Google O/S with the ability to easily move virtually all apps to the thumb drive & disable what I do not otherwise use on the Internal storage.

The onn stick overheated :ambulance:

I have 2 4k Firesticks, a Google tv box and a tv stick. At first I wasn’t happy with the Onn products but have changed my mind. They weren’t loaded with non-removable proprietary Amazon apps and I’ve never had a memory problem with them. Also, the Onn products don’t offload your apps. Performance wise, I find them to be as good as the Firestick. I originally posted that I did not like the Onn remote but that was a learning problem on my part, not a deficiency.

Quite often when streaming videos on the Firestick using the Silk browser, it appears that it throttles down significantly and annoyingly. I’ve installed the JioSphere browser on the Google products and that never happens.

After experiencing the pain of my 3rd. generation and 4K Firesticks, i’m happy to report that both have been retired to the IPTV dustbin of history, and replaced with 4GB ram tech with 64GB of online storage, and what a difference in performance. These lightweight devices, like onn, simply become suspect in an evolving technology that already suffers from ‘weakest link in the chain’ performance issues. At the end of the day, I don’t want my device to be the culprit in performance delivery. Your experience may vary, but i’ve learned that when it comes to devices, you usually get what you pay for!

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As a suggestion, try Browser, it has a red 0 with a slash thru it. It is now available in the Tools section of the App Categories listed under Apps.
I have used this on my ONN for awhile & prefer it to all others except for Brave browser that I also use connected to a UGreen hub, Samsung 32g usb & ethernet connection.

Thanks for the rec. I’ll give it a try.