Onn Google TV Android Box Remote Sucks

Just started messing around with Onn Google TV. Very easy to set up and it works really well. A $20 bargain! BUT. The remote sucks compared to Firestick - it’s for streaming but no play, pause, rewind, ff. Huh? I also hate the back button because 90% of the time it takes you back to the Home Screen. With voice commands, why do they clutter it up with dedicated app buttons?
They should definitely rework the remote to make streaming friendly.

I think for $20 the remote is terrific. Ergonomically functional as well. I’m thinking whatever apps you are streaming on will have the FF, rewind, pause functionality. Like when you use KODI it’s all built into the KODI menu. And the reason you have the Netflix, Paramount and Disney buttons is because those companies pay Walmart for that and to have their apps preinstalled on the box when you set it up


Then stick with the Bezos Brigade, nobody is forcing you to use the Onn. For $20, it is a very nice little streaming device with a good amount of features.

I think that is the basic Android TV, Google TV remote design, not an “ONN” designed remote,
“some” Google TV remotes have a Play/Pause… but I’ve not seen one with FF / Rew.
On the other hand the ONN etc remote has Channel UP / Down which works nicely for apps
where you do not want to go back to the EPG guide every time you want to channel surf.
I think it works on YTTV.
From reddit,
"I bought a Walmart ONN stick just for the remote. The remote is the new AndroidTV design which has channel +/- buttons. I paired that remote with my Chromecast with GoogleTV so I can channel flip on YTTV.