Onn box YouTube account only logout

I’ve searched and could not find this specific question.

Can I logout of YouTube on my Onn box and not get logged out of the rest of the device? I cant seem to find a way. It was very easy to do on my Nvidia shield tv pro.

Edit: I thought it was easy on my Shield but my account was still only 2 clicks away from being reactivated without reauthorization on my part.

Ive tried to logout but it deleted the entire account from the Onn. I tried to delete data from the YT app but no luck.

The obvious solution is to set up another gmail account but i was looking for an easier solution.

Delete or disable the YouTube app. And smart tube let’s you sign in and out of YouTube account without logging you out of device

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Yeah i added Smarttube but you cant delete youtube. You can only disable but all it takes is a few clicks and you are logged into the account again.

I want to set up on a tv that other people will have access to and dont want my personal views part of it. Nor do i want their YT views part of mine. No one is going to bother switching accounts to log into theirs. They will just search in mine. For now I have it set up as “guest” but its not stopping anyone clicking on my account if they want. No safeguard.

It should ask for reauthorization but it doesn’t because the rest of the device is still logged in I guess.

Unfortunately there’s no way to do this on any devices because all of them require a login to Roku Amazon or Google in order to download apps and do anything on a device so if you are setting up boxes for someone you have to get their login.

Thanks. I figured by now it was not going to be possible. Not setting up for others just don’t want others to access my personal account and visa versa.

I’ll set up as Guest and hope others dont switch to my account. I’m not hiding the launch codes but id like to keep my stuff private from peering eyes.

Same problem… sorry for the long post
OK, first a little history of how I program every onn box… When I first setup the box, I have a gmail account i created called joeboxuser and i use the same password on every box, so when it logs them out like onn boxes do, they have the password. It is not linked to any credit cards or anyones personal info, so no kiddos can accidentally subscribe to cartoon network or something. It is also helpful when i program another box, I can just go to apps from my other devices and go down the list installing apps that i put on every box.
Here lies the problem… youtube… alot of people already have a youtube account with all their playlists and such. but when i log their info into the youtube account… it changes their login to the box, which then associates everything and every app with their personal google account which their credit cards are linked to their personal playstore etc.
I need a way to change the youtube login without changing the main login to the ONN box. any ideas?
Smart tube will do it… but, i have a couple of guys that pay for youtube premium so they can use their phone and blue tooth speaker at the beach and stuff and they want to use their youtube premium account on the box. I wonder if their youtube premium will work on smart tube. I will post when i test it out.
casting from their phone also works… but ties up their phone.
maybe they can use an old phone connected just wifi to cast with… just shooting out ideas that might trigger someones other ideas…
but i bet one of these smart fellas on here will figure out a way.

I definitely do not have an answer but i hope you find a solution.

Hopefully someone else sees this and can help.