Onn box not playing certain older video's

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. When I play certain old series example Homicide Life on the street. My ONN box has video that looks like the old VHS copy protection. Almost unwatchable . The audio is fine I have tried using several different players Exo, Just Player, MX player . The Series will play fine on Firestick and Shield and Tivo 4k it acts the same on Stremio, and Syncler. I also tried using my IPTV service with it I found the same series listed there and it does the same thing. It must be something on the device. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I thought it might be some obscure setting I thought I would ask here first you all have a wealth of knowledge.

I have both the first and second Onn devices, I first attempted to find a streaming service that had it and ended up on SmartTube (YouTube) and found a lot of videos, searched, took the first result, which had 107 videos and looked for S1E1.

Found it in HD although the series is from '93. It played on both with out a problem. So my first thought is your source but if you used the same source on all the devices that would imply the device has a problem. It definitely played back as one might expect (quality wise) on both Onn devices.

I wish I could offer more but at least it’s a sanity check.

Try VLC media player,it’s free and will play any format you can throw at it

Thanks for the reply. I picked up anther Onn box and it works fine on this one. It must be something set wrong. I will go through all of the settings and compare.