Onn. Android TV UHD Streaming Box Increase Storage

I purchased the onn. Android TV UHD 4K Streaming Device and actually find it to be a Great Box for the money. I wanted to increase the storage on the unit and bought an OTG cable, SanDisk 128gb 3.0 USB Flash Drive and it shows up, but cannot merge storage, or transfer apps, or even load new apps onto the USB Drive. I even tried the Fire Stick ADB Shell 50/50 method video for the fire stick that Troypoint put out. Worked Great for my fire stick 4k, but can’t seam to use the same method for the onn. Android TV UHD 4K Streaming Box. Any suggestions or help would be great, other than that for a $20 box, it works really nice.

I used adoptable storage from u tube. Downloaded adb on onn and ram script. Using flauncher as a launcher, removed installed apps to clear up space. Have to run added apps from internal storage to get them listed on flauncher. I have 2.6 GB available on internal storage and do my recording on added drive. If i remember right i formated the drive to ntfs.


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