Onn 4k new box just not readily available

So I am going to Niagara Falls tomorrow to spend a night. I am going to cross over the border and but a few things I can’t get in Canada. I already checked for the Onn in their ONE walmart there and all the surrounding stores in Buffalo although i didn’t really want to go there. Nothing in stock, Nada, Zitch so whoever got the chance to pick this up, that’s great because I won’t be getting back to the USA anytime soon. I wish I could order online and have one shipped to Canada but I don’t think they are available yet and won’t ship to me anyway.


Spend $15 more and get a 4K Max.

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I have a 4k and a 4k Max for years. I want to test this one out and since the specs and performance from everything I’ve read surpass the FS. I also don’t want anymore FS products. Thankfully I was able to block updates on my Max just before they decided to tell us what we could and could not do with the box.


Well Wiz that’s a shame, as there’s no way an Onn has better specs than a Max, or outperforms it, and the only thing that Amazon stopped was the loaders and honestly, I get why. Don’t agree with it but I understand it. I can still load any app, other than loaders, and watch what I want and do what I want with it. Just a couple of small additions. I certainly hope the Google TV os and the Onn, live up to your expectations.


I stand corrected then. It seemed from reviews that it did. There is nothing I can’t do with my FS either. One blocked and the earlier one not. I still want one of these to play with it would be nice to have a new device but it seems that probably won’t happen. I will probably be able to hit that walmart in the USA today. I need Keebler cookies either way :smile:

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Every Walmart in and around my area does not have an Onn box in stock. Since Walmart will not ship these boxes, looks like I won’t be getting one any time soon.

All of my Walmarts are out too. Glad I stocked up, had a feeling they’d sell out lie the first released box

I ordered the new Walmart onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box May 10th. Received a reply that the shipment is set to arrive by then end of day May 10. Today there is an email saying “Delayed, check back for updates.” I checked and there are no updates. Just wondering with all the reports of this item not available at many or all stores, what is going on with Walmart saying the item will ship immediately?

New email says it is shipped. Arrival May 16th. Sent from:
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5/11/2023 11:17 AM
5/11/2023 5:02 PM
Keep trying on their website.

Our Wallmart has about 20 as of yesterday.I personally like both the 4K max and the Onn . I like the UI on Onn a lot better.Sick of Amazon Bloatware.I also think the picture quality on Onn is just as good as the max. It doesn’t do DV but does HDR+10. I honestly can’t tell the difference.If anything the HDR is brighter than DV which I like better.But that’s just my personal preference.


Well I was in the Walmart Superstore in Niagara Falls NY. Not only didn’t they have it, they did not even had spot for the sku in their cabinet with all the Onn stuff in it. They have so many devices but not that.


I just went on the Walmart app and the onn 4k is available for same day delivery. Is there anyone you know back in the USA that could buy one for you and ship it to you in Canada ?

I don’t actually. I know some people that will visit Florida again but that won’t be until Oct/Nov. I am guessing no way they will ship to Canada from the American App. Totally not sure why Canada does not have these.

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Walmart won’t ship it to Canada . You’d need someone that lives in the USA to order one then they ship it to you. Walmart is like Amazon . They don’t stock all of the items that we have in USA warehouses . Why is a mystery

Google Chromecast is pretty much the same thing as the Onn box, except better. Walmart was offering them for $ 19.95 also. You can experiment on it.

@ PiratePet Yes, I know I will have to wait until a friend goes to the USA now and have them check out Walmart if they have a chance. Unless I take another trip, that won’t be until close to the end of the year.

@Throttlejockey Same deal, Not sold here in Canada for that price and the ones I see that are don’t seem to be able to be side loaded. I don’t need another device, I have two, I would like the Onn because I know it can be sideloaded with no Amazon intervention even though like Miki, I do anything I want with one exception, ADM does not work on the Firestick properly with most apps I’ve tested.

Pardon my ignorance Wiz. What is ADM? Application Data Management? What exact issue are you encountering with the Max. I read a brief article stating that the Firesticks may be “retired”, and a whole new “device” may be coming this fall to replace sticks, with an entirely new and redesigned form. I was going to post the link but I see it’s been taken down. Figures

Ah, remember, Advanced Download Manager that I could not get to work properly because it would not let me set the download folder to the USB stick. We spoke of it but you were just recovering from your surgery. I hope you’re well now.

Ahhh yes. I remember now. Tx.

One minute the Onn 4K Google TV Streaming Device is available in store and for shipping, next thing you know, they’re out of stock. I got one and really love it. Now I want to get some more, but this out of stock issue is not funny at all. Walmart should do better.

Yup I was able to snag 2 a few months ago before all the hype. Also add in the number of resellers who probably cleared out stock and are reselling on Amazon, Ebay, etc…