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Good afternoon why is Ola TV buffering and at times it freezes and you have to restart the app ?

I wish I had a simple answer. Dozens of servers have disappeared and others are no longer clickable. This decline has been steady for the last 3 weeks. I bet we’re heading to the disappearance of free IPTV and TV becoming the same as cable commercial tv

Wow I truly hope not . that’s why I got away from cable tv.


Hi - I have recently installed OLA on my Firestick 4K with added store. Despite the interface being very clunky and some over-long ads it suits me as there are only a few channels I watch. It took me a while to go through about the first 10 or so of the 100 channel groupings to find some which worked OK. I watch mainly U.K. entertainment and sports channels and sometimes US news channels and I have found them all very stable and of good quality. All I can suggest is that you persevere going through the channel groups for ones that work for you.
Incidentally I also installed OLA on the previous Firestick model and it doesn’t work at all.
Best of luck.

What I did was spend 4 days in a row going through all the servers listed to find ones that had the Country channels I want. I watch North American stuff exclusively except for EU sports, racing especially. I had to add Mouse Toggle or use my mini keyboard via an otg cable, in order to be able to click the ribbon icon with a star to add channels to Favorites. Favorites get loaded in KShaw. So when you open that, click the “return” arrow and then the hamburger to find the favorites and click on that. Now you will see a list of your faves. Once you have populated your faves you won’t need to open the Ola TV main app again. I found doing this actually provided me with a more stable and continuous stream, no idea why. Now I watch 1 specific channel for my favorite local news and have 4 links in my faves, just in case one server goes down. I found all sorts of US channels in some servers, and I mean tons of channels to find your local ones. For example I found 1 server with about 30 Fox channels, as well as similar results with other major networks. Have fun.

Brilliant, Miki. I had wondered how to do favourites. This is very good. I get no buffering and the switch between channels is almost instantaneous. Thanks for your help.

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As Mouse Toggle is a bit cumbersome I decided to get the official Amazon Fire TV Remote app on my phone. Now instead of using mouse toggle I just start this up on my smart phone and navigate with the touch pad. One less app on my firestick. At first it kept shutting off so I did the ever helpful “restart”. Fastest access for this is to hold the “select” and “play/pause” buttons on your remote for about 5 secs and you should get a restart. Have fun.

Yes, the Fire TV remote is good. Do you know any way of reordering the favourites?

Unfortunately I haven’t. There aren’t many options available in KShaw. Now that I have a bunch of channels I’d like to either make categories or create folders.

Thanks I have several channels i am very happy with, mostly USA

Wow thanks i will try that

FYI I contacted the developer and requested an option to organize Favorites from within the app.

Thanks Miki. Just being able to move things about into a sensible order of channels would be very useful without the added complexity of adding folders

I agree, but I do find folders useful. Especially on my 4K stick with Wolf.

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