Oh no, now ROKU Ads, is nothing sacred?

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Well…guess it’s time to disconnect the roku tv from the internet.I swear these outfits are gonna keep on till I unplug everything lol.not even joking,that’s how bad I hate ads.

After around 60 yrs of television watching I’ve developed a thick skin regarding them. My “mute” button gets a good workout. I know how long they take, so plan washroom breaks accordingly, or snack refills or even the time it takes to pour that perfect pint. :yum: . Heck I even know some of the old jingles by heart.:face_with_spiral_eyes: . “Where’s the beef” ? I’m a product of " big media", but I laugh at my own foibles. My Proton VPN has an ad blocker but I never use it, as it blocks sites I visit, or causes me issues viewing content. It’s also precisely because of the ads that I would argue a fee for IPTV should be banned, as the networks are already getting paid.
Have fun and Stream On!!!