Octastreams box

Has anyone had any experience with the octastream tv box.
A friend told me about it. Available at Amazon and Walmart for $299.
He said no other charges and he get tons of tv & movies!
Something seems fishey.

I want no part of the “pre-loaded” boxes. They may have content, but you have no control over any of it. I prefer to purchase what box I want, install what I want to install, purchase premium apps/sources, RD, etc all in my name and IPTV service providers of my own choosing. You would get no control of any of that in a box like this. Troy did a review of SuperBox or something like that (which is similar to this one) and it failed per Troy with flying colors. No thank you.

This is that similar box review: SuperBox Alternatives – Why You Should Avoid This Device

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I knew this was a real lot of garbage, but my friend didn’t know it was preloaded with IPTV that he has no control over.
Hate to bust his bubble, so just let him live in bliss!
He thinks it’s the greatest and no amount of reasoning can convince him otherwise.
As for me, I’ll stick withTroy and the advice of the “insiders” here!