Ocean Streamz install disappears nightly

I’ve installed Ocean Streams on my KM2 using Unlinked as the APK source.
It installs (with a warning prompt - overridden).
It seems to work fine, but the next day, the icon is gone and I have to reinstall it.
Any ideas why this is?

Following. I have the same issue.

I used Applinked to get the apk and had no issues. I tried Unlinked but it is very buggy. I tried installing apps but it never shows the status box or gives the option to open the app. It will however, ask if you want to install an update to the existing app. I always click cancel. Like I said, VERY buggy app.

It can’t hurt to try it.
I’ll uninstall and try using the suggested APK source and report the result.

Make sure you FULLY uninstall the other Ocean Streamz app first. Also, turning the the device off then back on after installing seems to work as well. Good Luck :+1:t3:

Sent a email to me cool to explain this issue and they wanted a video to show the problem.
I was sure I wasn’t the only one with this problem. So I have done the uninstall with my app manager and it didn’t stay after install so hopefully you guys can help with this issue.

I have the same thing with cyberflix—it;s happened 6 times —plays great the day of install —gone next day

MeCool asked me to reset the box to Fac.Defaults, which I did.
Reinstalled Ocean Streams and… gone overnight.
Fac, Default again and tried without a USB installed.
Reinstalled … gone overnight.
3rd Fac Default with USB drive, installed OS and UK Turks… Had a popup after install completed (first time it has come up) telling me both are harmful to my system and did I want to remove them. Warning always came up during install and I used the “details” button to install anyhow.
Chose NO at this prompt and it seems to be okay…
Now if I could get the KM2 to run without random black screens for 1 to 5 seconds…

I had a previous post on this issue with no results. I am having the same problem. I have saved favorites and everything disappeared reinstall and funny all my saved and favorites are still there go figure can’t explain it hope you have better luck than me

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I think what has happened in my case is Google play protect has not removed, but disabled the “suspect” apps. My reinstalling them brings back your watched and fav’s list.
I’m not sure why, but the last time I reinstalled 2 apps I have trouble with, I got a notice saying Google Play Protect was going to disable them and I was able to say no thanks. - Not the warning that comes up as you install, but a different one afterwards.
The apps are still there a day later so… fingers crossed.


I never thought of that I wonder if there is a way to disable or adjust settings for it. Thanks for the reply

It depends on the device, but if you open Play Store, there should be an option to turn off Play Protect in settings. Otherwise you’ll need to look in the settings of your box.

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Thanks I’ll have to plan on playing around with my settings. I don’t get the time that I use to have to play with my shield

I had samre problem. Google Play Store “play protect” is uninstalling the app plus several others. I disabled the Play Store. You can switch off play protect.


Thanks that’s great I will check it out this weekend :blush: hopefully it helps will let you all know

Well I turned off the play store and now it down loads ocean streams with out the warning and all is good but the next day it’s gone again don’t understand why I have tried all I know any ideas?

I’m not clear on what device you are using, but on my KM2, there is a notification icon in the top right corner of the home screen.
Click on the icon and you will see what app’s have been disabled. Click on the app, choose “keep” and you should be good to go.

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Tried it think it worked but have to leave play protect off and it changes the way the home screen works keep on playing with it

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