Ocean streams link not working

When I use downloader to install ocean streams it will reside on my nvidia shield for a few days then disappear. I then have to reload it again. I get a notice on the shield that it thinks Redbox and ocean streams are potentially dangerous. No issues with Redbox. Thoughts?
Also the link for ocean streams on their page is not working, any update as to why the link is in error. Thank you.

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Hi @Marvin1
Interesting your Nvida Shield thinks it might be malicious, and then you notice it disappears. Curious.
As far as not getting working playable streams, do you have a real-debrid account? If not, you might be pulling in free links, but aren’t necessarily playable. Real-debrid will pull in lots of good links to choose from.


Make sure to allow these apps through and to turn on install from unknown sources. Also try to download only from our troypoint app or google playstore. Use unlinked PW 12341234 for other apps.

Our app does not have issues with virus scans.

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I had the same problem I posted it a while ago all you need to do is disable play protect on the play store that worked for me and others. Do a search you will see it good luck

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