NvidiaShield +kodi slowdown

I was wondering if anyone has this problem too. I installed kodi on my Nvidia Shield and it is super slow. Wait time approximately 1-4 minutes to upload anything. Does any body know of a fix?


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You should be doing regular routine maintenance on your box, cleaning cache and uninstalled un used apps and such. Kodi works pretty fast on a nvidia from what i understand. Is your storage low? Are you stopping background apps after you close them?

Look for the app “Fast Task Killer”. Whenever you start your Shield, run it. It will probably help with your problem. I think Troy has talked about that app, so you can probably find it at Troypoint.

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Hi Draco,

Yes, I do daily maintenance and turn off my router once a week. I’ve even tried turning my vpn off and it makes no difference. I just downloaded the fast task remover and it helped a little but not a huge difference.

Thanks for the help. Hopefully in the next update, nvidia will have a fix.

Hi MaverickCoast,

Downloaded the app and it help a little bit but not a huge difference. Thanks for the advice

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