Nvidia Shield wont power up anymore

My Nvidia Shield wont power up anymore does anyone know who can fix it? It came back to life for a week only and now dead again.

You could have a failing power adapter. If you’re familiar with how to use a multimeter, you can confirm that you’re getting proper output voltage from the adapter.

I recall the Pro power supply having a less than common voltage output, like 19v. The power supply for the pro and non-pro are different, just FYI.

If you have a Pro model, you may always consider popping off the chassis and blowing out any cumulated dust and verifying that the cooling fan works to rule out thermal related shut downs.


I have an extra shield that is working and the power adaptor is good its an internal problem that is beyond my skillset need a good honest tech who has repaired a shield before, I wish it was an obvious issue but it not.

What model is it?

Its the 2017

The Shield Pro is/was on sale yesterday from BB for $180 bucks. To get a tech to fix it most likely would cost you $100+ bucks.

Imho, you’d be better off just buying a new one.

I am assuming you did try the working Shield’s power brick on the non-working one?

Amazon finally got them on sale again too. $179/$129 for Pro and Standard(?).

Their customer service is great. I had a problem with my power supply and you can’t just get them anywhere. I contacted customer service and they had me take pictures of the unit serial number and send in. About a week later got a new one. I’ve heard of people sending in there unit and either getting it fixed or replaced. Worth a shot. I wouldn’t pay someone like powerfader said just buy a new one. If it is a 2017 you got your money’s worth I think just my opinion

They replaced for free?

I know 2017 sounds like a long time ago but for a high end device at that price i would expect much longer usage out of it. Unless of course you treat it like a rented car. Lol

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Yes I tried to get one on eBay but of course they wanted a small fortune. I contacted Nvidia and asked to buy one and they asked me a few questions and wanted the pictures and sent me a new one for free. I’m still using my 2017 a2019 and a new one I just got when they were on sale at Christmas. I love my Shields. Like I said can’t hurt to ask them maybe they will fix or replace for free


I had a black screen issue last week, discovered in search section that you can hook up keyboard unplug power supply, hold down a & b key while plugging back in the power. This will give a selection which you can reset or other things.
Hope this may help.

I urge you to contact Nvidia shield. They sent me a shipping label and replaced my unit for free with a fast turnaround. I could not ask for a better customer service.

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That’s pretty wild - never heard of that hidden trick. It worked for you?

I’ve done that with a small kitchen appliance from Instant brands. It was out of its 1 year warranty. I contacted them, explained the problem and admitted they it was out of warranty.

Just wanted advice.

The asked a few questions asked for a few photos and my address. The next day, the said they were sending me a new unit and to keep the old one for spare parts.

Good brands have good customer service and can choose to go above and beyond to earn loyalty.

It doesn’t hurt to try.

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Yes, was able to start all new again, just took awhile to reload things.