NVIDIA SHIELD Users are Not Impressed with Google TV Interface

Originally published at: NVIDIA SHIELD Users are Not Impressed with Google TV Interface

NVIDIA SHIELD users are not impressed with the all-new Google TV interface that has recently appeared on their devices. Customers have left hundreds of comments and reviews on the official Android TV Home App page. Most are complaints regarding the number of ads that fill the interface that was nonexistent before this latest update. There…

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Not surprised. I have used stock Android 9 with a launcher (TV Launcher 3) for over 2 years in my box and enjoy a seamless power up along with easy access to all my apps. Unless my apps stop working, I am sticking with

I know this is a little dated, but nothing really changed with the last Shield update except the disgusting Google ads taking up half the screen. But I can tell you I will never buy another Nvidia product. What would be the point of paying that much money so Nvidia can pick up a few more shekels by supplicating before the idols of Big Tech? I believe the ads were really the only reason for the last update, and it cannot be rolled back. One can remove the ads via the ‘system apps’ settings but it means disabling YouTube and ‘G-Play Services’ altogether. I haven’t experimented with SmartTube yet since it means re-loading all your subscriptions, and that doesn’t mean the ads won’t re-install on a restart. Why do people always turn on their base? [Rhetorical question]