Nvidia Shield TV "Low storage" warning

Hey everyone,
I own the Nvidia Shield TV with 8Gb of storage. I do not play games on this device. After a couple of months it warns me of having too low of storage. Should I add a micro sd card and if so what size would be good for a non gamer? I clean the data and cache but that loses many things I have saved on certain apps and its a pain in the butt.
Thanks in advance


Welcome to the community.

Clean everything and uninstall anything unwanted. Id get a sandisk 64 gig or something to that nature and movile apps there.


Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll order one today. I already cleaned up everything.

64gb card should do the trick for you. I did the “overkill” thing last year and added a 4tb drive to it. I don’t play games on mine either but it always seems to get filled up with data.

if you use kodi there are other options also. fyi

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