Nvidia Shield / Tivimate

I use Tivimate Premium on 4 Firesticks and 1 Nvidia Shield and the software on the Firesticks updates automatically. The Shield stays at 2.8.5 while the Firesticks are running 3.0.1. and I don’t see the option to search for update on the Shield. Any ideas ?

Reloading Tivimate is the only way I see to fix it.



on home screen click on apps then slide over to my apps and it will show the ones that have updates
you must have auto update off in settings of shield


I will give that a try but at first glance i don’t see a ‘my apps’ option.


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after you clik on apps go up and over to right to my apps

How do I get the Tivimate Premium

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Is anyone having an issue since the Nvidia Shield update. The application is freezing and then crashing. I’ve completed a fresh install and am still having the problem. This started after updating to the latest firmware for the Shield.

Oh sorry I missed this. It’s in TiViMate.
open TiVi, double click back button to open left side menu, then click settings down the bottom of that list, then in the right panel that opens, scroll down and click “about”, then click “Check for new version”.

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