Nvidia Shield Settings

I have 3 questions.

#1. Should I activate in Developer Options>Apps>Force allow apps on external and then move all apps to my external drive. Would this be beneficial, or would it create issues?

#2. In Developer Options>Apps>Background process limit. Should I change the limit from standard to a lesser value? I don’t know how many background processes are running in ‘Standard Limit’.

#3. In Developer Options>Apps>Don’t keep activities. Should I activate this to basically automatically force close any app after I leave the app?

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This article explains some of what you’re looking for.

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Thanks, that article answered one of my questions, but I still need clarifications for #1 & #3

I guess I am looking for someone who maybe has tweaked these settings and have first hand knowledge of what will/may happen; positives/negatives. I like to proceed with knowledge and caution. I have just enough tech expertise to do real damage! lol

All the others settings mentioned in the article I did several years ago.

This whole thing started yesterday when on an iptv Telegram chat we began discussing pros and cons of Force Closing apps and if their was a more efficient way to force close all apps at the same time. The #3 setting I mention in my post was brought up. I was never a big fan of force closing anything, because I have always heard that doing so can lead to complication. But now it seems that the go to remedy for all these iptv services to alleviate buffing is to force close and clear cache. Don’t have a problem with clearing cache. I can clear cache on all my apps at the same time in one setting on a Nvidia, but force closing apps meant doing so one by one. Even if you use the Background Apps and Process lists app. So I was looking for a way to expediate the process.

Doesn’t the “fast task killer” close all background apps in one click. I’ve force closed my apps from the moment I started using my Firestick. Not sure about nvidia.

Yes it does most, but not all of them.

Some might be system apps that are always ran in the background.

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Not sure. When I open the app the screen that pops up is gone too fast for me to read. I will have to take a pic of it so I can have the time to read it.

Ya that’s frustrating. I did notice that it lists ExpressVPN as one of the apps it closes, yet the VPN doesn’t even hiccup. So I have my doubts this does anything.

Me too. It may just be foolin us all. Making us think it’s really doing something. lol

#1, I had an external drive I tried this with. When the drive failed I lost everything on it and had to reset the shield to factory settings, so I would not recommend it personally. Starting from scratch is not fun, now I only use the external as a media storage device and I use VLC media player to access videos stored there.

#2, not sure about that one…

#3, I have this turned on on all 3 of my shields, still find myself force closing apps and clearing cache manually on a daily basis.

#2 got answered for me in the article Miki posted. #1 you just answered what my main fear was if I did this. #3. Was suggested to me as a way to completely close any app once you leave it. The problem I have with that would be maybe you don’t want every app to completely close upon leaving? IDK???

DON’T KEEP ACTIVITIES Destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it.

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But why are you doing any of this? Are you having performance issues?

Given the limited internal storage, I have had the thing tell me “Storage Running Low”, so #3 especially keeps that from happening IMO.

I actually just made a separate post about internal storage. The Shield especially has more storage space than a firestick. I’m curious what all you have on it that is taking up that much space. Do you have video files downloaded? How many apps?

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Kodi 18.9 and 19 fork, 2 vpn’s, and several other streaming apps for various things (IPTV, Motorcycle racing, Music apps, etc). Does not take long to clog up 8gb. Now I keep any downloaded media on a 1tb external (old laptop HD that was replaced for a SSD).

Me too… how does one get all this space used up?

I used to do go through my hard drive burger stack when I was torenting movies and shows.

But that was different. I think you guys are forgetting to do run of thr mill stuff… clean up apps delete cache and stuff.

Also if you are intenting on using a whole whack of builds and apps then get a better box with more space… firesticks aren’t ment for that.

Using builds for Kodi or no?

No, just tweaking setting. I have a need for speed! lol Just searching out ways to make the Shield that more speedy than it already is. I was just thinking instead of all these admins on their iptv chat pages telling everyone to force close and clear cache. This might be a way to alleviate that issue.

I am hesitant about doing this. So most likely I won’t.

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No, not a fan of Kodi.

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I believe you missed the title of this thread… We are taking about the Nvidia Shield, not “Firesticks”.