NVIDIA SHIELD Review After 2 Years of Heavy Use (2019)

Originally published at: NVIDIA SHIELD Review After 2 Years of Heavy Use (2021)

This NVIDIA SHIELD Review was written by Troy from TROYPOINT after using the device on a regular basis for approximately two years. This device was purchased by TROYPOINT and not donated by NVIDIA. The second generation NVIDIA SHIELD is one of the most popular streaming devices on the market, and it is known to be…

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After using Nvidia Shield for a year along with pure android boxes, I would agree with your assessment. It is hard to argue with the quality of this device and it’s hardware. However, there are 3 big things about Nvidia Shield I don’t like. 1) The minimal 16 GB of internal storage sucks, especially on a box that costs $180. Adding an external flash drive isn’t a great solution either as download speeds are noticeably slower. 2) I think that pure android OS is much better than TV Android from the standpoint of easier customization and app selection. 3) The remote control is a disappointment in terms of functionality and battery life. A box this expensive should come with a full featured air mouse remote and rechargeable battery.

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Posh firestick.i got one and you are right.i got external ssd 1tb…downloaded same vid. Same time to a beelink king x. Twice the speed… to be honest…