Nvidia Shield - OMX.Nvidia.h264.decode error


Is there anyone out there who gets OMX.Nvidia.h264.decode error when streaming from a legal TV network app ? In this case, it’s a Canadian television app called CTV. The stream starts off ok, but after a period of time, could be just a few seconds or minutes, the stream stops and I get a decoder error: OMX.Nvidia.h264.decode

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue ?

Thank you.

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Which version of the shield are you using? 2015, 2017,2019? Tube or box? When is the last time you did a system update on it?

From what I’ve gathered this seems like a software decoding issue when the stream switches from the regular programming to commercials. Try going into the app settings and see if there’s a way to switch from software decoding to hardware decoding. If not, get in contact with the support team for the app and let them know the issue you’re having and what device you are using.

Hi Jayhawks659,

I don’t know why I didn’t add that info from the start. I should know better.

Nvidia Shield Pro. It’s the box (2019) Shield Android TV SW ver 9.1.0 (

The latest version came in last week, but the issue was there prior to the update. As for the app itself, it has no configuration panel, so I can’t change anything.

Thank you for your help. I will try and contact them.

Bishop XIII

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