Nvidia shield not clearing cache

How can you clear the cache on the shield when I clear it said put in yes then it said no default set now what to do to charge that

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Hello @Lippy22 you probably want to do this on an app specific basis. Open Settings / Apps / choose the app you want to clear and then click Clear Cache for that specific app.


Ok thanks got to work now

Interesting question.

What if I don’t? What if I want all apps to force stop and clear the cache automatically on exit?

Is there an app that automatically does this?

I’m thinking it might be doable via ADB and some scripting. I’m going to ask around, if I find anything I’ll follow up.

As an aside, I wondered about the default setting when I noticed Wolf Launcher had it’s own setting. Perhaps non-system apps can be reconfigured (i.e. to not load on startup or clear cache on exit)?


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I use a tool called Ram Cleaner. It clears cache by selecting each one and cleaning…etc. Also includes a white list and you must enable a few settings for app to work. The app will direct you in what to do.
RAM Cleaner- Cache Cleaner - Apps on Google Play

edit…l this might be good tool to add to the RAI :sunglasses:


Thanks for sharing this. I will look into this and add it to RAI if it is good. Appreciate it.


Thanks for sharing :+1: