Nvidia Shield Match Frame Rate (Beta) gone?

Match Frame Rate (beta) used to be a feature on my Pro but it looks like it’s gone now. Anyone heard if they just scrapped it or if they baked it in? I played with it but didn’t really notice much however I was watching The Peripheral on Amazon yesterday (very good, btw) and I got a lot of stuttering at times. The firestick offers frame rate matching as a basic setting and I don’t remember any stutter. I don’t get the same stutter on any other apps. Internet is hardwired, 1gb fiber.

I’m using Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 (latest firmware), Vizio p759g, Denon AVRx3500h.

Mine has it.
2019 nVidia Pro
Version: 9.1.1 (
2022 Samsung TV

Look in your “Quick Settings” and enable it.

Ah, I see it now. It wasn’t enabled in quick settings…settings. Now I can use it but it crashes the Amazon app every time I try to enable it. Guess I don’t need it.

The Amazon app that comes installed on the Shield is pretty clunky. Any alternatives out there?

You talking about Prime?

Yes. The video streaming app. It’s not terrible but sometimes clunky.

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