NVIDIA Shield display settings

you know on the shield in settings and display is defaulted at 4k HDR 59.9etc

should i change from that default settings to 4K HDR Ready 60Hz


Yes, default it to hdr4k60 if it allows you to. Sometimes, if it doesn’t, it’s generally related to a hdmi setting in your TV hdmi configuration menu that’s not set properly or you’re using a hdmi cord that may be bottlenecked to 1.4 or lower.

Go into your tv settings and see if there’s a hdmi enhanced mode that you can confirm or turn on for the input that your shield is connected to.

Actually I have mine set to the 3480X2160 59.940 Hz YUV 422 12-bit Rec. 2020 HDR10 Ready as when setting it up I found information that 60Hz is not what the streams are done in. I’d have to go back and find all that info again. But the above is what I set my Shield Pro to.
59.940 is exactly 2.5x the standard film framerate of 23.976. AFAIK if you run at exactly 60hz, you’ll get a single errant dropped/missed frame every x number of minutes when playing 23.976hz content that you won’t get if you run at 59.940.

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Although I was kinda lost on what Miki was saying…I found this youtube video that seems to explain what Miki was saying, maybe.

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Why is 59.940 Hz Recommended over 60 | NVIDIA GeForce Forums

“The reason to prefer 59.94 Hz is lot of content (NTSC television and many online videos) is still produced at that framerate or half of it.”

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how do you get the stats on plex that your streaming at 23fps ?

In Tivimate while you are in full screen mode can click the “OK” button on your remote to see that info.