Nvidea Shield Pro Storage

Just ordered one today and would like suggestions on which external storage works (plays nice) with the device? My mecool is headed to the bottom drawer (too many issues to name) however one was external storage working one day and not the next day. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I would prefer a usb(flash) drive and only want 128-256 unless I find a good deal on a larger drive. Main concern is playing nice and not a daily thing to fix.

I use a 256 Usb thumb drive Sandisk. Works grewat for me.



Most name brand usb sticks and external drives should work on that device without issues


Thanks everyone. I grabbed this…
AmazonSmile: PNY 256GB Turbo Attaché 4 USB 3.0 Flash Drive - (P-FD256TBAT4A-GE) : Everything Else

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