Not the usual issue

This is not the usual issue, but just something that happened last night that I thought was a throwback to old days of AM radio and CB’s.

I’m in Montréal Canada, I use Videotron Helix which is the same as xfinity in the US. Also a firestick 4K max, all through a Sony media player.

Last night when I switched from TV to firestick I noticed some background noise, I raised the volume and found I was listening to snippets of cell calls, and GPS directions. What was really strange was the from what I could identify, these GPS instructions were not local, at least not the streets mentioned, as I did not recognize any names.

All the conversations were in English. If these were local calls, a portion of them would have been in French at least.

We used to call this skip on the old CB’s, and you would get AM radio far up north from the US. I wonder if what happened last night was caused by sun flares being prevalent recently as exhibited by the northern lights being further south than normal?

Anyways, if anyone else has experienced this I’d like to know, nothing since then has happened, thanks all :wink:

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I use a Nvidia Shield and a couple of times something like what you described happened in my location down here in SWFL. May have happened more times, but maybe I was not paying any attention. I thought maybe it was a TV station overlaying on another signal?

This experience was several weeks, and I haven’t experienced it since.

Personally, I think it is the aliens eavesdropping on people! LOL… :alien:

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Wow that’s crazy!! Like you said, I haven’t heard of stuff like that happening since the old cb days or early wireless phones.
If you start communicating with past family members who died long ago like in the 2000 movie Frequency, please share the details here. :scream: :ghost:

No no, an original Rod Sterling Twilight Zone where the son playing with a crystal radio changes the outcome of WWII! That one scared the crap out of me!

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LOL, CQ…CQ…CQ :space_invader: :rocket: :satellite:

:rofl: I forgot about that episode. :flushed::+1:

Lol…I have to admit that your idea about aliens actually makes alot more sense to me the more I think about it. :rofl: :alien: :space_invader:

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swfl? punta gorda and murphy nc here

cape coral… neighbors!

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