Not gettin audio from mx player or vlc player

not getting audio from mx player or vlc player on weyd or cinema hd. Only get audio with internal player

i use mx and vlc not getting any problems

Make sure your decoder is set to HW+

Make sure your audio is enabled on your player of choice.

tried all suggestions-still no audio. works fine with internal player. Tried with onn box and firestick-same with both.

Well, I guess you could learn to read lips? lol

Sounds like you may be missing a codec, or a codec is corrupted in your internal player or external. Try uninstalling your vlc and MX Pro and reinstall.

Also, if you reinstall vlc and MX pro download from a different source than what you did originally.

Just had a look and on my 4k onn box with Exo player there is sound for weyd, I would use the internal player.

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