Not finding streams

I have downloaded the downloader, kodi and then Crew. No matter what I do it will not find anything when I try to download. It always says no streams available. I’ve done the steps twice to no avail.

I found the same. Have you upgraded to Kodi 19?

I believe it is Kodi 19 that I have downloaded.

Hi @Shanapip
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Try subscribing to Real-debrid; then you will get plenty of streams to choose from.

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I have screwed up my Seren…not sure how.
While trying to get English subtitles i have somehow disabled my TV episode listing. Everything is showing only season one episode one instead of all seasons with all episodes
Any ideas what i did and how to fix it?

I did not mean this to be a reply but i dont know any other way to post
Thank you in advance

Hi @JediJudy
So is your question about needing help with Seren or getting subtitles?
For Seren, take your time, pause video to ensure typing in the correct url’s and follow this tutorial:

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Thank you but there is nothing there that helps with how to figure out or fix what I have done.

See if i can explain better
I mostly watch TV shows. While trying to switch from foreign subs to English, (successfully) I have changed something somewhere. Now when clicking on a show it goes straight to providers for season 1 episode 1 instead of listing all the seasons.
I hope I explained it better and you or someone has an easy fix.
Thank you

Well, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how that happened. I can’t recreate any situation that I could get that same issue. So my best guess would be to go back through your steps that you took when changing sub-titles to English and see if you might have accidentally clicked a button. You can always uninstall and reinstall your add-on if all else fails.
Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


Stop naming content you are trying to search for. You can pm. It’s in the rules and I will start silencing users.

If you can’t find anything you are looking for for free content I’d suggest moving to a paid real debrid account. It’s very cheap and you will find everything.

I’d also recommend using stremio with its community addons. Otherwise look into a real debrid account trust me you will see a huge difference.


Not sure if you are replying to me or not
Not sure what content you are referring to either

I have RD Trakt VPN

I can not figure it out

Am I better off uninstalling/reinstalling or wipe addon data?

Hi @JediJudy
Yes, might be better off uninstall and delete it off your device and start from scratch.

I was afraid you were going to say that!

Thank you and Happy New Year!!

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