Not Feeling happy with mint Mobile

Just want to let you guys know that Mint service
It’s a very good service. I’ve had it for 3 1/2 to 4 years except for one thing I try to connect today another account on my account and so far I’ve been through four different people telling me how t to connect what they call an phone line and all has fail while on the e-phone they make a lot of promises to get you to take an account and then after that they fail to keep any of their promises it’s been 4 1/2 hours and they told me the new phone number would be connected within half an hour to 45 minutes because of what I’ve been through their Customer Service bottom line stinks that’s all I have to say about Mint phone service Give you an update if I’m waiting a few days. They also have problem returning my amount of money if I wanted to get my money returned I don’t know all in all their service. Once you don’t have to deal with the customer service it’s great. Well now is 8 pm and a supervisor just messed up my iPhone 15 and I’m still on the phone and my iPhone 15 had nothing to do with the contract. It belongs to AT&T so I’m on happier than ever I’m stressed out. I’ve been with these people since 1015 in the morning I’ve spoken to 21 people four supervisors, and it gets worse every time I call, I don’t wanna have anything to do with these people and you’re right some of them can’t even speak clearly Now it’s 9:30 PM and they’re fixing my iPhone 15 which one of the supervisors damage by activating any Sims card on it 945 all is well with my iPhone call AT&T got it fixed in 15 minutes. Good night all never wanna deal with these people again, in any kind of way, it’s not worth the savings to me thank you for letting me vent

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You’re venting. I deal with customer service with Amazon all the time and you might get one person that don’t know what the heck they’re doing. Sometimes things are just not fast as you like it. Are you just trying to change your phone number to from another account. This just does not seem like a problem that people could answer.

Mint has a 7 day trial SIM for $2.00 (you can get them at Best Buy or any Mint kiosk). I tried it for a week, got it set up in 20 min, and tried it out at several locations. It worked as well as my Verizon reception in all but one location.

Try it out. It may or may not work for you.


I got a customer service rep who could barely speak English. Lmao…they couldn’t even read their script. I had to stop him/her/shim (just to be politically correct) to repeat themselves. I had to ask for someone that speaks correct and fluent English. That’s all it took for me to make up my mind about Mint Mobile…NOPERS, NOT FOR ME

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wow, a cell phone customer service agent who didnt speak fluent english…hard to believe…
when you buy bargain basement cellular service, dont expect premium customer service…

It happens even with “top shelf” companies.

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agree 100%, customer service is quickly disappearing, especially with cellular companies and ISP’s…

I used mint for one year. Couldn’t wait to jettison it. Went with T Mobile. $35/mo for unlimited everything, and Zero complaints.

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Mint runs off of TMobil

As a red headed stepchild. You are a 2nd Class Citizen on Mint.

If you say so lol who cars!

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I’m fully aware! That it runs off T-Mobile thank you so much

You’d care if it were you, Junior.

Yes, Mint runs off T-Mobile. But T-mobile does throttle Mint users when their network get close to capacity.

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I love MINT MOBILE it’s the greatest ever

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