"Not Downloaded" error adding EPG list on Smarters

I’ve tried loading several .xml lists. None of them download. I’ve double checked the addresses.

Pluto’s list is what I am attempting right now.

Is there a setting that I am missing?

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Hello @elginherd try watching this video. Click the button after setting up your EPG as default and it should download as long as you typed the URL in properly. https://troypoint.com/iptv-smarters-app/

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Thanks for the reply TP…
It should work,but unfortunately still no joy.

I downloaded the IPTV Smarters app via RAI on both the ONN and Firestick , and there are a couple of changes from your video to the player that downloaded. But that shouldn’t matter.

I also tried another Pluto xml URL that was listed in a previous thread, along with URL’s corresponding to m3u lists from GitHub.

And EPGs are not downloading on either device.
I’ve tried VPNs on and off, and from two different ISPs, Spectrum and Xfinity.

Try loading the playlist:

It has a combined EPG, so no need to add it independently. It is a good source and is active. I got it from @Miki a while back and its my ‘go to’ playlist for Pluto TV.

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Did you go into that pluto source and click Default? Please watch my video again as this is what triggers the download for the EPG. If you don’t do that, it won’t download.

Go to 12:04 in the video and watch from there.

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I tried the m3u8 today…there epg did not show up.

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You spotted what I missed!

Got it. Thank you.

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I’m still thinking Tivimate, but Smarters is a much, much better UI for Pluto than the Pluto app.
Now onto loading in more EPG’s. Thanks guys!!!

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The joy of TiViMate is it’s infinately configurable.