Northern IPTV, GloryV, and Others Shut Down by ACE

The once-popular Northern IPTV, GloryV, and other live services have been shut down by ACE.


interesting…hmmm I did notice my provider shut down their telegram chat abruptly but the service is still up for now :grimacing:

Confused here :thinking: Having had a previous thread closed for enquiring about IPTV services, why is there occasional threads posted by moderators that actually reference and mention services by name?
When my question was about legitimate IPTV services, are we now being asked our opinions and to discuss dodgy IPTV services being closed down? :man_shrugging:


I see the confusion, but i will explain. Because troypoint is a legal site operating in accordance to content laws, providing iptv providers on here that don’t have the proper content licensing could cuase legal issues for the website.

What the admins report on is news and is not provideing you with a service or saying where to get iptv and here use this iptv. They are showing you whats been taken down the inner workings of whars going on.

There is a big difference. Also the main site is operated differently then this site, we want to keep the this website maintained without issues, providing iptv service on here will surely disrupt that.


I see, thats all good. :+1: