NordVPN Unbiased Review


Im not paying anything for nord, i use pia as it was gifted to me from a coworker.

My last conversation with nord didnt go well, i was a 6 year user. So when i have time i will re negotiate, untill then im fine with pia.

I will probably go with ipvanish later.

Just curious. Why is PayPal charging you a little over $19 for your Nord payment bring it to $115 total

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Is that a Canadian thing? There is no charge in the US

I’ve been using Nord for 3 years now for $3 and change a month. Looking on their website still the same price, hard to beat. Plus they take Bitcoin for payment and don’t require any personal info to sign up, just an email address.
This is their current offer…“Get NordVPN’s 2-year plan. It comes down to just $3.49 per month!

And Nord is outside of 5, 9, and 14 eyes, most other VPNs aren’t.
Comparison spreadsheet.


You are very confusing me about which VPN you are actually using. Again, Nord is about $96 for 2 years. Compare that to $100 for 1 year with Express VPN. How about IPVanish at $45 for only 1 year with no guarantee for the second year. I am not sure where you are getting your numbers from.

Why do you think IPVanish is better? Because that is what Troy picked?

I just got ExpressVPN. $128.31/yr.

With everyone talking about the cost of VPN’s $128 seems to win the award for the most expensive. And for only 1 year.


I didnt say it was better. Ipvanish and nord do the same things, i have a topic on this. Minus a few differences. I enjoy what i have when im ready to change i will haggle for a better price.

If you saw my post i said i felt nord was better, but financially its to much and for less ipvanish has what i need. Regardless i got a vpn now and when its done i will see what prices are.

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Still don’t understand how you can say Nord is too expensive compared to IPVanish. Guess we just disagree on almost everything.

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  • also changed to nordvpn because ipvanish didnot work for me

Ya that’s Canadian though and our dollar sucks, and I was paying $125/yr for IPVanish. I was a member long before they lowered their prices and they never would give me a break. So Adios amigo.

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same here… been with Nord for three years the service and speeds were alright had a few minor issues that were resolved quickly…but this Proton VPN is super fast…some servers doubled the Nord speeds even without Wiregaurd on…i love the user interface and so far i am very impressed with Proton VPN.


Another VPN review? I am still not sure about the last review on SurfShark VPN?
After a few hours of use on this VPN, I had to uninstall it because it was causing me a lot f problems
It was not letting me sign up my everyday use Apps and Web Browsers
I kept asking for help about this issues and I would get a message about Windows Firewall being the cause of all my troubles?
I am keeping my IPVanish
I don’t think NordVPN is any good?


Situational really, somethings will not allow you to run a vpn but thats more top of the iceberg paid list…

For windows just allow the the fire to run vpn and unblock in into vpn. Windows firewall and vpns dont really mix you have to manually allow it.

Edit: troy team does these reviews so everyone can experience other vpns and get a non biased review. Try it dont try it thats up to you atleast you have a review to look at and make up your own mind

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But SurfShark that is owned by Nord, and SS is half the price?

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I agree and I feel the same! I’m subscribed till 2029 and I got it at an average cost of apx. $3/mo or less.
No need to shop, it does well on my firesticks and PC and gives me NO problems!

I agree. Now people are talking about Nord’s Surfshark, but that was not an issue when the original post about Nord was made. Check the posting dates people.

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