Nord or ipvanish?

nordvpn or ipvanish which does troy suggest, which is faster. I have ipvanish but lately it is using 1/2 of my bandwidth…


Faster depend on a few things. Alot will argue but there is to many varibles in the way.

Your best bet is to get the best priced vpn for your budget. Torys review will explain why he picks ipvanish over nord.

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In my opinion is NordVpn much better I use to use IPVanish because of to many errors I moved to NordVpn

NordVpn has more servers with excellent speed I’m using it over a year now without any errors they also have excellent support

TP wrote an doc about their new security layer for browsing security. The Threat Protection Technology to all their subscription’s. This also includes a discount link

An IPTV seller posted this on Discord:

“Nord VPN are having serious issues right now, I got people that are still having problems even after changing the protocol, my clients are leaving NORD.”


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