No Stremio love?

I’ve been using stremio (4k firestick) for a while now and I really like it. I couple it with torrentio and usually get all the links I need to find a well playing movie or show. The only issue I find annoying sometimes is audio. I have a Denon Av3500 5.1 setup and sometimes the audio creates a real tinny reverb-like sound in the surrounds.

So, my 2 questions are:

  1. is Stremio not a respected apk? Should I be using something else? I tried Cinema and quit bc the links kept playing different movies. Stremio never did me that way. I use Nord VPN.

B: anyone know about the audio issue? The firestick just puts everything in DD or DD+ regardless of the source. Could that be an issue? Would another apk give better audio?

Thanks in advance. And thanks Troy for a great site!

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