No streams for show

I recently added the Crew add on and watched one of my favorite NBC shows then. Today, I couldn’t get any streams, so I installed the Peacock app to watch it, but received an error message that I couldn’t watch with a VPN. I had the VPN the first time I watched it. What’s going on?

A lot of the “legal” streaming services, eg Peacock, Netflix, etc, don’t allow VPNs (to prevent out of region viewing). Do you have Real Debrid on the Crew?

No, I don’t have Real Debrid

Ok, we’ll you’re probably going to get only a handful of streams and sometimes none. Also, the streams can come and go, as you have discovered.

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I use surfshark VPN, it’s moved up Troy’s ranking to number two, no issues using this VPN with Netflix, just remember to stop Netflix and clear cache when u change location

Forgot to say, it has a 30 day trial to play around with it

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