Super LOW Internal Storage on my Fire TV Box Gen 2. Only 40Mb of free space out of 5.59 Gb. Why? Only Amazon apps are installed on the box itself. Every other app is on attached thumb drive. I have cleared all the caches to zero and cleared the data on the Amazon apps not used. Tried Amazon Cleanza but it did absolutely nothing to improve the situation. Is there a viable solution other than resetting to factory? Is there a safe way to move the unused Amazon apps from the internal storage to thumb drive?

Have you ran a cleaner like sdmaid on the stick?

I have the same problem. My firesticks keep losing ram even though I don’t add things. I constantly use defsquid and fast task killer to clean things up but am still left with 300-500MB after doing housecleaning.

It looks like this is a steady battle I am slowing losing.

I’ve had this storage problem for over a year. I recall seeing several months ago in this forum a way to transfer to a thumb drive the Amazon apps that you never use but I cannot find this thread and am actually a bit concerned if doing this would cause operational problems down stream. Thinking about the Shield Pro but hesitate because of the work involved to reinstall everything (apps, passwords etc etc). Hopefully someone will have a viable solution to the Fire TV Box and/or Stick storage problem. .

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I tried to find Clean Master as recommended by some but what came up was Amazon’s Cleanza. Thought it was worth a try, so got a one month subscription. It did absolutely nothing, worthless. A waste of $3.20! I immediately cancelled the subscription.

Thank you for the tutorials but I already have an external thumb drive on my Fire TV Box so need for external storage is already covered. I ran ES File Explorer but didn’t find anything to delete. Probably not looking in the right places. Any suggestions on what to look for and in what folders in ES File Explorer would be appreciated.

I wouldnt be deleting anything using a file explorer app if you are not sure of what you are doing you can really screw up with that method. I would use a cleaner app such as sdmaid but thats not a click and go option. You will need to go into settings and make proper adjustments and permissions to run properly. You can go into settings and apps individually a clear cache but be careful not to clear data.

I have cleared ALL caches for all apps on internal and external storage and also the data on Amazon apps that I do not use and still I end up with under of 100Mb of free internal storage. I only have Amazon apps on internal storage, nothing else. For some reason, after I restart the Fire TV Box, the Amazon Appstore and Alexa Shopping apps always comes up with several Megabits each in cache even though I never use them (I need every Mb I can get). Wish I could delete both! The Amazon cleaning app I downloaded tonight is listed as “Cleaner for Fire Tablets and Fire TV (Cleanza)” but as reported earlier, it did not change the internal storage space.

I have a Fire TV Gen 2 (the best). Try Easy Quick Tool for Fire Tablets and TV.

Two problems here: 1. Amazons all-too-frequent “updates” hogging storage, 2. Much of the app data is still stored on the stick/box even with MicroSD/USB storage enabled. I think a lot of the apps have memory leakage, too. I have to wipe my Sticks every 6 months or so and re-install everything to get memory back.

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Make sure you are not using a torrent apk on the box. If so, make sure to shut it down or it will use tons of memory.

@sktn77a Much of the app data is still stored on the stick/box even with MicroSD/USB storage enabled.

Agree…was told the same thing happens with external storage on android phones. Fire system & Amazon apps only take up so much space…it’s gotta be something from his external using up the space…IMO.

RAM (2Gb) or Storage (8Gb) memory?

It uses storage. Shut it down.

Appreciate all the suggestions. Tried Easy Quick Tools for Fire Tablet and TV, but it only found around 100 Mb to delete. In the meantime I was reading on the forum that Xanax was no longer updating their app so I decided to delete and stay with just Kodi. Although months ago I had moved The Fix (Xanax) to the thumbdrive, when I deleted it, it brought my Internal storage up by almost 800Mb (apparently lots of data/garbage). Obviously this app stored much of the data on the internal system. Deleting Xanax app allowed the Fire TV Box to finally update the operating system software - previously the internal storage space was too small to accomplish this. While updating, what in the past normally took a minute or two “optimizing system storage and applications”, now took 10 minutes or more to complete. Obviously there was a lot of management going on. The result was more free internal storage released. I started tonight with about 40Mb free internal storage and now have 1.15Gb. I have not been in the realm of gigabytes for months, so I’m expecting my system is usable again. Eventually I should probably reset the Fire TV Box to factory and start afresh, but for now I think the system should be operational.


Try the ‘debloat tool’ from uktechdoc. Troypoint has links, i think. I went thru the same issues about a yr ago, and after finally resetting to factory specs, installed that, and (with a usb storage) have never reached 50 percent of available storage…

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