No sound with Flix Vision

Installed the app this week and worked fine until yesterday and today. No sound when streaming tv shows or movies. Any suggestions?

all ok on firestick maybe double check all settings

I checked my settings on the fire stick and all other apps have sound. Not sure why Flix stopped.

I saw someone say to go into the audio settings and turn off the auto setting or auto select best sound, something like that and choose Dolby. I don’t have my Max updated or connected so can’t say the exact route. But the sound settings is where ya need to experiment.

just checked again same here think its prob them maybe a glitch give it a while ime sure they will sort it

I hope it’s a glitch. I was really liking this app.

its strange i have sound on movies but not on tv series

Same issue here. I can hear movies but no tv shows. I tried my survivor and a newer series. Ugh!

click down to bottom of screen check volume isnt muted i did and had to unmute it when your on what your watching you will see its muted i dont know why but if you click on volume on bottom of screen sound will work

I see that now. It is making me turn on the volume for every link I click on. So irritating.

yea it is so it must be them