No sound on tivimate?

I have recently got a new mecool km6 box. I use realiptv with tivimate. I’ve been having issues with sound on newer movies. There is none whatsoever. When the movie is plying I go into sound settings and it shows 5.1. I’ve noticed some movies have 7.1 also and when I checked that the sound works but the lips are a tad off. Other movies don’t have 7.1. I have just noticed this with newer movies. Examples are candy man, Addams family, and old. Anyone know of any other settings that need to be changed to get this fixed? I also tried changing the audio to software mode and that did not change anything. Thanks for any help.


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I’m pretty sure you have to go into settings and make sure hardware acceleration is on.

Some uploads can have desync issues but that’s a provider issue. Has to replace the content on their end. Watching movies with iptv on there movie section correct? If an external player Is used hardware acceleration must be on.

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I think it may be the mecool box or some setting in there. I used my fire tv just now and the sound works perfectly fine for the movies. Not too sure what setting that would be tho.

Hello. Sorry to barge in haha quick question, is Tivimate typically a free app? If so, how so?

Hi @Nrussell31
Yes, you can load the free version and test it. Try loading something like a free tv service like Pluto and see if you like it. Lots of folks here in the forum, rave about it. I tested it and it’s all everyone says it is. You can purchase a monthly sub or lifetime. This will turn on way more features. If you use an IPTV service this seems the way to go.

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Don’t even waste your time with the limited feature free version. If money is tight get the yearly sub for $7 bucks. personally, I bought the lifetime premium for $24 bucks.


Are you referring to the actually Tivimate app?

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YES Powerfader is talking about Tivimate


Not sure if you saw my last post about the sound working on the fire stick/box. Any ideas why it work on there but not the mecool box? I am going to reach out to real iptv and tivimate at some point.

Just caught this, I’m having same problem with sound on a Mecool KM3. If you have found a solution please let me know. Thanks

I have not figured it out yet but if I do I will post.