No download for Diggz

** not working were else may I be able to download the built!

Worked for me the other day. Maybe hes working on something and had to block access. Try again I guess. Also, you allowed unknown sources?

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Just tested on my phone. It worked fine.

Noticed the chef wizard updated too so they were probably working on something.

The Diggz build that i have I downloaded from server as a Christmas Diggz 4.0 promotion weeks ago and server said he will no longer be offering Diggz. This replaced my older version of Diggz xenon3.6.
When opening chef wizard it no longer list old version of Diggz but does show a Diggz xenon free version 1.0 and Diggz xenon plus ‘’’’debrid only’’’’
Hence I was going to download a new version of cinema but did not want to chance that in download app it would delete my Diggz 4.0 thus not be able to get it back …

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Yes you wont be able to go back but for me its no big deal. IIRC, xenon Plus RD 2.0 is the same as 4.0 but without the “free” tab. Heck it still has the Christmas tab too. I’m guessing it will be gone on the next update.

If you can, download the TP kodi fork and run the 2.0 version on it first to see the difference.

I have searched the topics and have not found a solution. I lost my Kodi app over the weekend.(children watching T V Easter Sunday) Have tried to install using Diggz Xenon code as I have done previously several times. Only build option that shows up is Maddax-Kids Version1.0. None of the other build options materialize. Anybody having this problem? Using Kodi 20.1 and 19.5

Unfortunately those builds have been removed (for now?) from kodi 20 Nexus versions.

Currently the best Diggz build option you have is to DL Kodi 21 RC2 from Downloader. Then add the diggz Omega chef Wizard ( From there you can use the Xenon 2 build. Similar to previous verion but has a different look. I havent used it but others have and said it works.

If you prefer to keep kodi 20 you can search TroyPoint for other builds.

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Thank to all for replying to my post so quickly.
I always say we have a great group of people who are here to help in the Insiders. So problem is solved thanks again .

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