No audio passthrough options

I just reinstalled a new kodi app an in audio passthrough theirs no options to turn it on or the different sound settings like doby . d-d , ect. Where did they go ?

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What device is this on?

Nvidia Shield Pro . Using kodi 20.2

Go into system settings, then scroll down to audio, scroll to the right and then scroll down to find audio passthrough :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck

This is inside the Kodi app I’m talking about not shield settings, @miki has that covered.:slightly_smiling_face:


On the Pro home screen click the hamburger icon on your remote and the right panel pops out. The very first option is literally “Dolby Audio processing”
Now for the other stuff you go to Settings>Device preferences>Display & Sound> Sound and There ya go. You most likely will click on Advanced sound settings.

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I know where the audio passthrough setting are in kodi but when you scroll down to passthrough their’s no options to turn it on or anything else . The only option in Audio Passthrough is " Reset above setting to default " But the problem is theirs is no setting their to reset .

Not sure why, on my tablet I see audio passthrough and like you no options. On my Buzz X5, I see the audio passthrough but with options. Both 20.2🤷

Miki I took your advice an turned on Doby audio processing in my Shield settings an that fixed the passthrough problem . Thank you an PapaS for your help .


Change your settings view type to expert at the bottom.

I did that in kodi . I fixed the problem by turning on Doby processing in Nvidia Shield settings .


I know you have rectified your issue but just a heads up, sometimes my Android Box has the same issue, through trial and error, (we use FEN and now Seren) we found that if you quit KODI completely and then go back into it, the pass through is then valid. It works everytime - maybe you guys quit the App anyway but we tend to just go to the home page so it is probably our problem only :slight_smile: Anyway, just thought I would share - it might assist someone!

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