Nightwing replacement for Venom

Nightwing seems to work pretty well as a possible replacement for Venom. One problem though and hoping to get some suggestions here. I paired up Nightwing with Trakt, Real Debrid and All-debrid. App connected with everything but it does not save watched shows to Trakt like it should. My TV collection is there, it finds shows and plays them but does not report the watched show back to Trakt. Is this a temporary bug or have I missed a setting in Nightwing? Thanks for any help!

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I have been having sync problems with Trakt for about a month with all my addons and apps.


Yes the Trakt auto "Marked as Watched :white_check_mark: is wonky at times. What I do is Long Press on my remote which opens up Trakt Manager and then scroll down and select “Mark as Watched”


@MTMountainman Hi

To mark the Movies/TV with watched mark you have to activated first to do that open:
Nightwing> Tools> settings> Trakt to the right
Sync with Trakt watched status on add-on startup must be on> Restart Kodi. This will be done authomaticaly. :+1:

Already did that. Nightwing is syncing to trakt on startup. Also have it set to sync every hour. Pulling in most (not all) of the shows from trakt. But not reporting shows watched in Nightwing and doesn’t pick up all of the other shows being watched in Oath and Seren. I think Nightwing still has a few glitches in it. Hopefully, that will get fixed soon. Then it will be a pretty solid addon.

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I use Xenon build on my Firestick and Nvidia Shield. It just upgraded Xenon from 7.8 to 8.0. I thought that I would lose Venom but it still installs it. Just a thought.

Do you notice any other changes to the build?


I assume you installed trakt according to TP manual. To add watched videos to your list it have to be done from trakt manager. In this manual scroll down to how to use trakt and selected from the required settings from trakt manager.

Step 1. How to Sync Your Trakt Account with all Add-Ons.
Step 2. How To Use Trakt.
Scroll Down. Trakt

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Been doing this for years. I know how to connect to Trakt. It is connected. As I said, it pulls my TV collection into Nightwing. Some things are showing checked off but when I watch something in Nightwing, it is not being reported back to Trakt. May try breaking the connection and reconnecting–it solves the problem sometimes in Seren.


Hi, please don’t get so annoyed i’m trying to help this is not about you don’t know or don’t know how to install and connect trakt.

Again l assumed you could also consult the TP manual. These are suggestions you should try to deal with them yourself and not feel personally addressed. :+1:

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Where do I download Nightwing? I’d like to try it

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