Nightwing addon

Is nightwing a good Kodi addon and is it still working/available?

Easy google search and this was link #2

Great, thanks for the tip!

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Yes it’s in the magnetic repo with Mad titan sports,
its similar to Oath add on.

i have 2017 nvidia shield, kodi 19.4, no debrid, oath,crew, mad titan installed for 1 1/2 yrs now with oath and crew working great and mad titan until a month or so ago… i tried to install nightwing today but keep getting install failed error. also today the crew module update failed. anyone else seeing this or have any suggestions to fix this. thanks for your help

If you’ve got MAD TITAN repo then Nightwing is in there,
Crew updated today for me ok…

yes i know. that’s where i’m trying to install it from. i got the mad titan 37 update but don’t know why nightwing won’t install. thanks

I just installed it from the repo Mad Titan was in. Working perfectly.


yes, i just got a jetextractor update and nightwing installed. the crew module 1.1.5g update still fails to install. in available updates, i click on crew module update-click on install and i get failed error instantly. any ideas? thanks for your help

@raton7497 Hi

Try to add. Add That Source add-ons from dabutcher repo this add-on has lots of working Repositories.

TP wrote an manual on how to add that to Kodi.
Add That Source Kodi Add-on

what is your crew version number? mine is 1.1.5 the update that is failing is crew module 1.1.5g my crew repo version 0.3.4 i uninstalled/reinstalled crew and still getting the failed 1.1.5g. i saw a post on reddit that they got 2 updates in last 24 hrs with latest version number 1.1.5i. yes i have Dabs ATS installed also. thanks

just got the crew module 1.1.5i update-it deleted the 1.1.5g bad update from available updates and now working as it should. my crew version is 1.1.5 with nightwing and the crew 2 bad updates and now all is good. thanks everyone for your help-with everything that happened last week, i hit the panic button

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