Nice feature on Chromecast with Google TV

This is entirely informational, there is a option that is found in your account settings on the Chromecast with Google TV called “Apps only mode” it’s under “Manage accounts” under options for your account near the bottom of the list.
When you apply it you still gets ad’s on the top of the home screen but everything else is gone except a list of apps and at the end of the list a option to see all apps .
Also at the top you only have a home button so, Live, Movies, Shows, Apps and Library buttons are gone as well as the various categories that you normally have to scroll through.
This might not be for you but I really like the clean look, wish I could do it on Firestick without adding a launcher.
It’s easy enough to toggle on and off as needed.
I don’t know how many Chromcast with Google TV we have here but I thought it was wort a mention, BTW the remote on it sucks IMHO.


AWESOME…It works like a charm…Thanks

Thanks for the reply, wasn’t sure anyone would be interested really glad it helped!

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